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Yoko Ono Light House
“The light house is a phantom house that is built by sheer light. You set up prisms at a certain time of day, under a certain evening light that goes through the prisms; the light house appears in the middle of the field like an image. With this image, you can actually go inside, if you want to. The light house may not emerge every day, just as the sun doesn’t shine every day.”
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Me on my dash :3
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FEATURED ARTIST: Leo Fitzmaurice, /_\ , 2014. Gum strip on gallery. Dimensions variable. Courtesy The Sunday Painter, London.
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Erin O’Connor and Rie Rasmussen by Harri Peccinotti
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"When It’s Cold Outside" Kristen McMenamy photographed by Eddy Kohli for Vogue, October 1985
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this is your daily reminder to not forget about ferguson. Keep it going!

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one of my favorite, if not my absolute favorite, Araki photo